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Water birth in Tennessee - Nicole's Story

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

I am from the USA, but my husband's passport country is Brazil. I gave birth in Tennessee at a birth center far away from my family. My daughter, Bianca Rose, is my first biological child and she was born vaginally in a water birth. I didn’t think I would ever have a water birth, but once the midwives helped me into the tub to soothe me, I knew I was certainly not going to get out!

My husband Abel sat behind me in the tub the whole time and helped me throughout along with a midwife and a nurse. My maternity care was fantastic, attentive and encouraging. When Bianca was born, she was so quiet that the midwives took action to make sure she was responsive. In that moment, Abel and I dedicated her to Jesus and put her life completely in His hands. We had done everything we could do to bring her safe and healthy into the world, and it was up to God from that time. She was wonderfully attentive, peaceful and alert, looking around at everyone, raising up and she even pulled her tiny face into a frown as she stared everyone down!

My family lives 16 hours away. They did not come to visit and help once she was born. This did not bother me much, I only realize now, the help they could have been during the long haul of parenting a newborn. I was sleep deprived for a long time.

One thing about my birth story that could be helpful to others who haven’t access to their own country’s hospitals is the fact that I used “HypnoBabies” to help birth naturally. Ok I feel like a total hippy and only tell my close girl friends about this, but HypnoBabies program really empowered me to forge positive thought patterns and keep me calm and grounded. Abel and I did lots of research to make sure hypnobirthing was not something that would go against our faith. It turns out there is actually “medical grade” self hypnosis. Basically a bunch of really cheesy sounding tracks you listen to and repeat to yourself things such as “my body was made for this, I’m calm and will have a wonderful birthing time” etc. Feel free to laugh, I know I laughed at myself a bit while doing it. But I ended up majorly benefiting from the program. I was even able to have my second child, Marie Adele, naturally in a hospital with no tearing and so quickly! I can definitely recommend the program to other moms and husbands, no matter what type of birth you plan on.

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